Master in Molecular Biology

Master's Degree Course in Molecular Biology

The Master's Degree in Molecular Biology aims at providing post-graduates with advanced and operational knowledge in the field of molecular biology, as well as in-depth knowledge regarding instrumental methodology, analytical instruments, and the techniques involved in data acquisition and analysis. The degree course should provide a high level of proficiency in the scientific approach to research, by providing post-graduates with the capacity to work autonomously, but potentially also allowing for the management of projects and organizations.

The proposed course consists of 10 fundamental course units, which represent the indispensable cultural basis for an in depth understanding of modern molecular biology, and a number of optional units, allowing a certain degree of personalization of the study curriculum. The options entail themes of molecular biology and they are proposed in parallel, during the various teaching terms. During the second year, approximately two thirds of the student's study commitments involve the preparation of a graduation thesis.
The latter has the objective of providing the student with a significant working experience in an experimental research laboratory, while also contributing to the students' cultural development, enhancing the capacity for critical analysis, and the competence for the management of projects and organizations.
Furthermore the Master's degree in Molecular Biology forms the necessary basis for the continuation of advanced training at the doctoral level.

The Master's Degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Padova is part of the LM-6 Biology class, it has a numerus clausus.

Starting from accademic year 2008/09, this course has replaced the preceding Degree Course (Laurea Specialistica) in Molecular Biology (D.M. 509 Regulation) according to the new D.M. 270 Regulation. Students who still need to sit exams from courses under the D.M. 509 Regulation, should make their situation known to the Educational Committee (see also Title III, art. 16 of the new Educational Regulation).

The Master's Degree in Molecular Biology is organized as a single curriculum.